From concept, design, prototype, verification, pre-production, quality control to successful commercialization, we can provide you with THE solution.

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We can formulate the right compound and design optimal manufacturing process to meet the stringent performance of the final products. 

We can provide you with a complete solution.

Areas of Medical Applications:

  • Stoppers for pre-filled syringes
  • Stoppers for needle-less syringes
  • Seals for syringes
  • Stoppers for indwelling needle sets
  • Seals for syringes
  • Valves: 1-way; floating etc.
  • Hearing Aids components
  • Components for medical equipment & devices
  • Polymer coating
  • Customized to your needs

We can achieve:

  • Bio-compatibility
  • Cytotoxicity
  • Bio-burden 
  • ISO 10993-1
  • USP Class VI
  • FDA
  • etc.



From clean room requirements to complex shaped products for sensitive equipment, or sealing solutions for harsh, corrosive environments, our technical team excelled in working together to provide THE rubber solution you will need. 

Areas of Electronic Applications:

  • Dampening & Vibration isolation
  • Seals & Gaskets 
  • Connector seals
  • Voltage controller
  • Power supply terminal 
  • Extreme temperature Resistant Elastomeric components
  • Weather-proof & water proof
  • Customized applications

We can achieve:

  • Out-gassing
  • Drop proof
  • Water proof
  • Anti weathering
  • Chemical resistant
  • IP 68 (waterproof - submersible test) 
  • etc.


AUTEC is an ISO/TS 16949 certified company with vast experience in rubber formulation and precision molding with the ability to achieve tight tolerance for elastomeric materials. 

Areas of Automotive Applications:

  • Sensor Control
  • Water Proof Gaskets
  • Engine components - valves and seals
  • Encoder enclosure
  • Connectors
  • Transmission seals




We can achieve:

  • Out-gassing
  • Drop proof
  • Water proof
  • Anti weathering
  • Chemical resistant
  • Oil resistant
  • IP 68 (waterproof - submersible test) 
  • ASTM D2000
  • etc.


Areas of Application:

  • LSR injection molding for waterproof type C
  • SIM tray waterproof solutions
  • LIM solutions for Metal, PA, PC etc.
  • Waterproof solutions for wearable technology
  • LIM solutions for Mobile devices
  • Waterproof acoustic permeable membrane
  • Functional accessories
  • Consumer electronics


We can achieve :

  • Water proof IP 67, IP68
  • Damping properties
  • Liquid Silicone Rubber Injection Molding (LIM)
  • LSR Overmolding to a variety of surfaces
  • Customized primer formulation